July 26, 2010

City Bakery Cafe

A lovely, rustic place in Waterloo that has freshly baked goods, sandwiches and pizza. I had lunch here one day and it was quite enjoyable.
So many choices of in house baked bread!
My mom and I shared a tuna melt, which was served with a simple coleslaw. I love sandwiches and this one was pretty good, but I felt it could have been better if they put some mayo into it.
We went back another time and got the tuna melt again. This was a different location and they serve a different salad here. For some reason, I thought it tasted even better this time around!
I also got the ham and cheese sandwich. You can tell that the ingredients used were very fresh. I think this sandwich converted me to liking cold sandwiches. I don't know if it was the bread, or the mustard spread they used, or the combination of everything, but this was sooooo delicious! I happily saved half of it for my dinner!
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